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Different High Copy iPhone 6 LCD Screen Comparison

Jun 28, 2016

Topyet have analyzed four qualities iPhone 6 LCD (What quality of iPhone 6 LCD do you want), but some clients confused about iPhone 6 FULL high copy LCD. Today, we talk about 3 FULL high copy quality iPhone 6 LCDs.Topyet supply 3 kinds FULL high copy quality LCDs now, AUO (YD), SC & JDF.

Firstly, let’s check the 3 full high copy LCD display compared with original iPhone 6 LCD.

We can see that FULL high copy LCD’s display shows darker than original LCD. AUO (YD) & JDF’s display close to original LCD.

In dial page, every LCD screen is in the max brightness, original LCD shows brighter than high copy. SC LCD is fuzzy by original LCD’s standards.Actually, iPhone original LCD has warm screen and cold screen. Warm screen partial white and yellow, cold screen slants blue. But e test said that SC LCD screen is yellow, maybe the other two are the good choice. Of course, different factory produced LCD screen have different color screen, it all depends on your choice.

Let’s continue to see their flex.We already knew that original flex has an apple logo on it while high copy hasn’t. So are there differences among 3 FULL high copy LCD screens?

What’s more, we disassembled the backlight to see interior. Every factory produced glasses have different IC lines. According to IC lines, we can distinguish which quality the glass is.Original LCD IC presents a horizontal cross linear, JDF is ‘W’ shape, AUO is trellis like and SC is bar strip.In general, many wholesalers tend to FULL high copy LCD screen, but there’re many qualities on market. Hope this post will be help.

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