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Something You Don't Know About OEM And Aftermarket For IPhone LCD Screen

Sep 20, 2016

Something you don't know about OEM and aftermarket for iPhone LCD Screen

People always keeping asking one question-Can i get a Genuine, Original LCD Screen display for my iPhone?

Before answer this question,you need to know how iPhone LCD flow to the market.

The fact is you cannot buy all original LCD panel directly from those real manufacturers such as LG/sharp/Toshiba/etc. 

these LCD panel manufacturers were authorized by apple, that apple used them to install on their iPhone 4/4s/5/5g/5c/5s/6/6s or iPhone 7


They would not sell these LCD panel directly to wholesalers or distributors in the market, 

because this way will violate the agreement with apple signed which cannot sell these LCD display assembly to third party without permission, 

even if they can sell those lcd panel to others, may I ask who is able to purchase 1000000pcs at a time? 

If you are not larger mobile phone manufacturer, since this is MOQ for them to sell.

However why are there still big quantity flows into the market?

Who can buy it unless apple or other cell phone manufacturers?

I think there is reason that should catch your attention! Apple often authorized them to produce larger amount of LCD panel display assembly 

for their new iPhone model, apple QC team go to their factory for regular inspection on lcd panel, as we know, 

apple have very rigid standard on their quality, when their QC found defective rate exceeded 97~98% during the inspection, 

batch bulk must be returned back and lcd panel manufacturers must re-produce again to supplement those defective items.

The question is manufacturers must have to face high loss for that defective batch bulk item which is returned back, 

but they also did not want to destroy and ruin them since they invested too much money on producing those panels, 

so they found a market channels to dump these LCD panel via someone be called “parallel traders”. 

Most demand market on these LCD panels is just in Shenzhen and Guangzhou China, some of them use to OEM or sell, 

so you can see why so many wholesalers shout out to you that they have high quality or lower price iPhone LCD panel display 

or send you email endless every night through group sending software.

Another question is that LCD panel with defective rate is really poor quality or not? In fact, those defective rates is only lower 

than good rate of apple set up, at least 90% of those LCD panels are still good quality.

Anyway, Topyet have also good channels to help you if you are interested in it, 

but Topyet willing to provide you with useful information what you need to know.

First thing to remember is that the companies (Apple, HTC, Motorola, even Samsung to some degree) don't actually manufacture their parts. 

They hire a mass manufacturer to make and assemble their screens, then the screens are shipped to the actual Apple/Motorola/Etc assembly plant.

The 3 major grades of all phone parts are as follows:

OEM: Manufactured and assembled by the same manufacturer that produces for the assembling company. 

For example, Apple hired FoxConn to produce the screens for the iPhone 6 series. A screen manufactured and assembled by FoxConn, 

and just never sold or sent to Apple is an OEM. These parts are available on the retail market for select distributors. 

These parts are never manufactured in the US. They all come from China.

Recore/Refurb: Original LCD/Digitizer reman'ed using an aftermarket glass and possibly frame. There are hundreds of small companies doing this.

Aftermarket: Manufactured and assembled by a 3rd party company. Usually on the cheaper end of the market due to the 3rd party company shaving costs. 

Example: Using hot press glue to stick a screen into it's frame instead of cold press glue (hot press is cheaper, but loosens when the device gets too warm).

To circumvent problems with contracts/copyrights here's how it works. Apple calls up an end manufacturer (let's call this entity 'Parent') 

and signs an exclusivity agreement for production. Apple orders 100k screens. Production company has 3 sister production facilities 

to accommodate timeframes. Let's call them A, B, and C respectively. The contract stipulates that facility A will produce the order. 

So, Parent instructs A to produce 150k screens (extras for bad screens, warranty, replacements, etc). 

After Apple picks up and is happy with their order, Parent still has, say, 10k screens at facility A. T

hey send those screens over to facility B, have the logos either smeared, covered, or removed, 

and they resell them on the retail market to select distributors. They then filter onto our market. 

Manufacturers in the US have been doing this behind the scenes for decades.

The hardest part is getting the original parts here in the US. Because of copyright laws, 

companies like Apple and Samsung have been bullying small repair shops around the US for not paying 'royalties' on the original parts. 

I've been purchasing direct from China for over 2 years, and I can guarantee you the screens I put into an iPhone or 

an iPad are the exact same as the ones Apple purchases for the same.