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Ask Something Before You Choose An IPhone LCD/Parts Supplier

Sep 26, 2016

Ask something before you choose an iPhone LCD/Parts supplier

As a serious iPhone parts supplier,Topyet try to consider how to choose suppliers standing on buyers' position.

Asking very specific questions is half the battle when purchasing LCD screens from your supplier. 

The other half of the battle is getting an honest answer. Be very specific in the questions that you ask,try to use some 

common knowledge questions that don’t involve any of the terms used in conditions to eliminate 

any discrepancies in the answers you’ll receive. You should ask the following for questions specifically 

for all three major components of a typical LCD screen.

You might be aware of below details before your questions:

Every iPhone LCD mainly contents following parts:

1) Front glass

2) LCD touch and display digitizer

3) Frame


4) Flex cables (for touch and display)

All LCD screens will be decided by the 4 parts:

A. Top rate quality LCD-all parts are assembled in Foxconn,We can them "original brand new".very high price

B. second rate quality LCD-the LCD will be disassembled from a iPhone cellphone,good functions and exterior

    for touch,display,glass and frame.we call them "Teardown LCD".it's second hand not brand new quality.

C. 3rd class quality LCD-refurbished LCD.refurbished parts including flex cables,front glass,frame.

     the refurbished LCD's digitizer will be original with A and B quality,it's unstable.

D. Chinese high copy LCD-Although every suppliers named this kind of LCD "AAA quality",but actually,compare with other

     quality LCD,it's still unstable enough.but why there are so many buyers buying this LCD?price,price,price!we need

     repeat this 3's a little complicated to make everything clear when speaking to high copy LCD,but Topyet

     will try to explian all to you next.

Now,let's back to the questions,what should you ask?

1) ask specifically "what's your products quality?"

2. ask "may i know more details about your LCD parts,including glass,digitizers,flex cables,frame?"

questions 1 will tell their quality level. 

Ask the same question in regards to the other spare parts, especially if the assembly you’re buying has working 

components such as earpiece, charging port flex,home buttons, etc.

Most supplier sales reps are trained with sales pitch lines to get past such specific questions. 

Make sure you’re getting a response that’s specific.

The truth is: most buyers think they’re getting a new LCD screen when in fact 95% of the LCDs of replacement 

LCD screens for iPhone 4, 4s, 5,6 etc. are refurbished. The LCD screens that you purchase simply vary in the quality 

of the refurbishing process. 

Toshiba and Sharp are the only ones who made LCD screens for Apple iPhones and have not manufactured “new” 

ones for over a year. Those that they did manufacture were made for authorized service centers and over the counter 

replacements phones for post-paid carrier Asurion insurance customers only.

As of today’s date (2016), most LCD screen buyers are purchasing assemblies anywhere from $16-$26 for iPhone 6

LCD screens.A true new original would cost over $74 and actually be a bit hard to find. If you’re buying for under $60, 

you’re definitely buying a refurbished/reclaimed LCD screen/high copy iPhone LCD,you will get what you paid for.